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Perfect balance between strength and flexibility...



The finest finished product starts with the finest raw materials. Ripper37 is crafted from high quality, carbon-rich Western European steel, developed with unique metallurgical properties to meet Dakin-Flathers exacting standards.

It is also precision hardened and tempered to give the optimum balance between strength and flexibility.


This results in a stronger, straighter blade, that will tolerate higher feed pressures, and cut more wood in less time than has ever been possible before.

Longer lasting, tougher blades!

Quality Steel


Unlike punched and sharpened or milled blades, each individual Ripper37 tooth is ground using computer controlled machinery.

To ensure that every tooth has the same perfect profile, a specially designed diamond-grinding process is used, which is why Ripper37 offers unparalleled “out-of-the-box" performance.

Grinding teeth is a more time-consuming and exacting process - but the results are sharper, more reliable and longer-lasting blades.

Perfect straight from the box!

Razor Sharp Teeth



Ripper37 teeth are induction hardened. Induction hardening is proven to be the most effective way to harden teeth.


To ensure outstanding performance Dakin-Flathers harden teeth to an optimum depth, which means Ripper37 can be re-ground up to 100% more times before its hardness and cutting performance are compromised.

No other manufacturer offers such a uniquely hardened  tooth. 

Saves YOU money!

More Regrinds



Producing the “perfect" tooth set is critical in optimizing blade cutting performance. Good balance from one side to another means the blade will cut straighter, and the optimum kerf allows the blade to cut freely, with lower feed pressure, whilst maximizing yield and surface finish.

Dakin-Flathers use a proprietary dual-contact action to create the optimum degree of set on every Ripper37 blade tooth. Each blade then passes through a highly accurate digital photometric gauge that automatically checks for any misaligned teeth. 

Smoother, straighter cuts!

Accurate Set
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